Digital printing is an environmentally friendly printing on fabrics with industrial paint quality and the use of reactive water-based inks. We offer ready-made fabrics with printed patterns or are ready to perform printing services on fabrics provided by customers. In the latter case, the customer provides a “harsh” fabric and all subsequent processes are performed in our production. Inks used for printing have all the necessary certificates confirming the quality of printing on fabrics and environmental safety for the end user, including in the production of children’s clothing. When preparing the fabrics for applying the pattern, we produce the fluff removal using the MERSAN gas- singeing equipment. This ensures in the subsequent performance of high-quality printing of the drawing.

The MS JPK EVO printer used in our company has a modular design and allows you to select any print width up to 240 cm. The print resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, printing speed is 300 linear meters per hour. The printing technology provides wear resistance of the printed pattern, high color saturation (including red, orange, blue and violet), the absence of the concept of “raster” and an unlimited number of colors and shades in the applied image.